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What Inspired Me to Write the Book?!

Sitting on an idea for too long.

Yes, it's a bit like a mother goose sitting on an egg too long, smothering the life within from ever seeing the light of day...that was me almost fifteen years ago and this great idea I had for a book! And where did the idea come from? Believe it or not a children's radio program that explored the idea of creationism, well that and the fact that I grew up in a Christian home (my father was a pastor), and on top of that, I love science...I even earned a degree in it! Yes I was smitten with two loves right from the start: God and science, oh and did I forget to say writing and while we're at it, let's not forget to throw speaking in the mix, and wait...I forgot to mention that I'm shy or is bashful a better word?! So when you mix all that together, like all the ingredients for a cake that have now come together to bake, what does that make? It ends with a book (hopefully the first of many) called "Hidden in History: Can the Bible Be Trusted?"

You take science and the Bible which are said to be at two extreme ends, you take a person who is passionate about both, you take years of research from history, anthropology, archaeology, science, and the Bible and a passion for seeing how the two ends of this mix can meet and publish that in a book for all the world to see that you're not crazy, that though this book (not mine, the Bible) was written thousands of years ago, the information it contains is not some cheap knock off of a surrounding culture or community, but the verifiable, unique word of God and that it can be trusted from its very first verse.

Arguments abound and exist. The very mention of God, Jesus, the Bible and the audacity to verbalize any of those names in the same circle as science might bring a flogging or two verbally, maybe even physically, but regardless of your spin on the story, why not take a closer look at what the Bible says from perhaps a fresh perspective, a different set of eyes, and see if any of its accounts just might be worthy of taking a second look at or strings attached, just an invitation to take a closer look.

Now from time to time, I will be posting excerpts from the book as blog topics for discussion, picking out some of the treasure pieces I've chosen to gather for the book like what really happened during Noah's Flood, the true story of the Exodus, and many other such intriguing finds. It's quite interesting, quite fascinating, and I trust you'll find it the same. "Hidden in History: Can the Bible be Trusted?" is coming soon to an online store near you (or in the form of a speaking engagement if you'd like to hear me passionately speak about this in person and bring along some auotgraphed copies), but until then, start to enjoy the journey with me with tidbits and interesting facts as I begin to share this fascinating adventure through the Bible, science, and history! Oh, and thanks for stopping by!

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