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"Hidden in History: Can the Bible Be Trusted?"





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Welcome to a scientific, archaeological, and historical survey of the Bible like you've never heard it before . . . welcome to Hidden in History! Have you been looking for answers concerning science, history and their connection to the Bible? Are you struggling with your faith? Would you like simple and thought-provoking answers to help defend the Bible and Christianity? Are you ready to learn some amateur apologetics? If you've answered yes to any of these questions, then you've definitely come to the right place!  Let me share with you some amazing tips and proofs I've learned over the past 15 years as I've studied the great debate between science and the Bible.


Hidden in History is my soon-to-be released book which asks the question: "Can the Bible Be Trusted?" Perhaps you already have that answer. What would you say and why and what would you do if your life depended on it?


What is the Bible anyway? 

In simple terms, it's a compilation of several books written many centuries ago, centered around an all-powerful, all-knowing Being Who claims to be the Maker of the universe. The Bible is ultimately how this Being, God, introduces Himself to mankind and so it is said to be the Word of God. In it you will find many claims of a supernatural nature which have caused many a skeptic or two to doubt its authenticity or practicality for a modern society such as our own. In addition, with the advent of science and several other related disciplines, it would seem that a good bulk of these claims have been disproven and many feel that  perhaps the Bible should be discarded altogether. Some might simply say that yes, the Bible  carries a good moral message, but in no uncertain terms can it be counted upon as a book of history. 


So is it true that what can be known is only what we can perceive through our senses, through logic and reason, or what is possible among the atoms as one ancient Greek philosopher once put it? And any scientific claims that the Bible makes? Well, that type of science is pseudo-science, or is it? 


What about the figures or prominent "characters" we see in the Bible and the stories surrounding their lives? What about the patriarchs? Aren't they just a group of no-named (as far as history is concerned) nomads who left no trace of their existence in the sands of time? Was there really a global Flood or a world-changing event at the Tower of Babel? Were Joseph, Moses, and Joshua real or just fictional characters on the allegorical stage of life? What about the Exodus? Did it really happen and if so, why can we find no evidence of its occurrence? Hidden in History explores answers to these questions and several more in a different, yet, practical way. In a sense, it brings the Bible to life, and the people and events it portrays off of its pages and into a real world, true life existence as it follows a historical timeline, a wave of history from ancient times to the age of Darwin. 


Anyone who has read my book, even in its infancy form, or has sat under classes I've offered concerning it, has left with answers to perplexing questions and a renewed sense of faith like they never had before. If you're ready for answers, then I'm ready to share them and on that note, I will end my introduction here as I want to leave some room for the imagination, but do check out my blog page because that's where I share tidbits about the book and some of the key concepts covered in it. Hopefully I've piqued your interest, and if you're open enough, perhaps you'll give my book a try. There is a lot that has been hidden in history, but if you dig deep enough and take a closer look, perhaps these treasures were lying on the surface all just didn't have the eye or maybe the right tools to see them! 



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