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I'm a writer. I'm a Christian. I love science!

And I'm much more than that, but we'll limit this discussion to what led me to write my first book! 


I'm a lab professional by day, but an eager researcher and writer by night. Yes, I've spent many a night burning the midnight oil, writing, and reading, and listening to everything I could get my hands on pertaining to the topics I love most - the Bible and science! How to convey ideas surrounding both is the purpose for which I feel I was created and it just so happens that I love to write. Writing came quite easy for me even as a child and reading arm in arm with that. Writing works as a great medium of expression for someone who would consider themselves an introvert in a world full of fabulous conversers.


Writing worked well when I was required to write a 100-page thesis on how men came to deny the existence of God and the validity of Christianity. This was the point I jumped from thinking about these things in my head to actually researching them and putting them on paper. When I finished my thesis project, I ended up with a book, but not the book I'll soon be publishing that's full of fancy pictures and other interesting anectdotes, but a book that told a plain and simple history of the evolution of beliefs and ideas so-to-speak about our origins and many things in between, from ancient times to the present. "Hidden in History" was however, birthed out of that book, taking it broader and deeper in scope and presentation.


Two years later, I found myself bursting at the seams wanting to share this information with someone, anyone who would be willing to listen, so I took the bold step to speak to one of the assistant pastor's at my former church about presenting this information as a Sunday school course. I prepared powerpoints and handouts, purchased a projector, upgraded my laptop and off I was teaching away, and growing, and becoming more and more passionate about this topic as the feedback from it grew with equal excitement. Three years later my class became dubbed as a channel that comes on your local cable or satellite network that let's just say has the name "Discovery" in it, yeah "that name" channel on steroids! The word got out, I taught the course two times around and while doing so, another assistant pastor at the church encouraged me to committ the coursework, the powerpoints, the hand-outs to book form. This was in 2010 and now five years later, I've just about completed "Hidden in History"!


I'm doing my best to wrap up editing between working full-time and caring for an elderly parent who is plagued by the effects of dementia, but whom I love dearly for instilling in me (along with my father, a pastor who has since gone home to be with the Lord) the values and foundation for my Christian faith along with a shared passion for writing, teaching, and sharing. And so now I can't wait to do the same with the world, to share what I've found not from the perspective of a scholarly journal, but in simple laymen's terms so that any parent, any student, anybody that wants to know can see for themselves and examine if the Bible truly can be trusted. Now, I would dare not say that my book is the sole authority for proving whether or not the Bible can be trusted. Instead, it simply helps to show that what the Bible says happened was true all along, and even in that, it will still require a measure of faith. "Hidden in History" will bring to life the people, places, events and stories mentioned in the Bible from a perspective perhaps many have not considered before.


Just because you may not agree with my perspective or you have questions about God that may have lead you to abandon your belief in Him, shouldn't stop you from taking a look at what I have to say. You may have heard some of these topics explained a thousand ways, but I don't think you've heard it explained quite like this!! I want to provide a forum for open and honest discussion about the facts as they are available to each of us. I'm offering a perspective that I think is worth considering. Would you be willing to do just that...consider it? Reach out...share your thoughts...let's make this a discussion, and open your heart and mind in the mean time...who knows where this just might lead!


**About the author**


Angela Paris Nwankudu is a former lab scientist and a writer in her spare time with WestBow Press. She holds a B.S. in Biology with an emphasis in Microbiology, a certificate in Christian Education, and graduated with high honors from Biola University's Talbot School of Theology with an M.A. in Science and Religion. She is a 2020 graduate of the C.S. Lewis Summer Fellowship Program at the Discovery Institute. Currently, she is a doctoral student in biblical archaeology and will soon embark on a doctoral degree in biblical studies. She has also undertaken coursework in ancient Egyptian studies at the University of Oxford.


Angela has delighted audiences young and old with material from her unpublished book, Hidden in History: Can the Bible be Trusted?  She was honored to be a speaker at the fourth annual Women in Apologetics Conference and first had the pleasure of speaking at WIA during their inaugural "Love God with All Your Mind" Women in Apologetics conference held at Biola University January 2018. She enjoys spending time with her husband, as well as reading, writing, traveling, and ministering.

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